About Us

Welcome to the English Letters and Language Department where we are committed to exploring and researching the key contemporary linguistics and literature issues of our day. English Letters and Language Department (nationally known as Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris; Abbreviation BSI) is one of departments in Faculty of Humanities, State Islamic University Maulana Malik Ibrahim, Malang. This department believes in quality, proved by maintaining the accreditation of A in 2007 and 2012 which will be updated on June, 2017. In doing this, English Letters and Language Department keeps improving the quality whether at national or abroad. As a result, the vision of this department is to prepare and produce qualified human resources who posses wide of knowledge and professionalism in Linguistics and English Literature which is nowadays becoming noteworthy.

Through the learning process which intertwines between the deep knowledge of religion and the development of Linguistics and Literature, it is hoped that the graduates are having mature professionalism, broad knowledge, deep spirituality, and noble morality. It prepares the students to be excellence in English Linguistics and Literature with the skills and knowledge to make a difference in society. It also creates a unique learning experience for the students. They learn under the expert guidance of leading academics and develop their skills. Besides, students are exposed to international perspectives and have the opportunity to build strong global networks throughout their time during studying in this department. The graduations of the department are recognised for their critical thinking abilities, communication proficiency and are equipped to become leaders of the future.

English Language and Letters Department has an intention to be a leading English Language and Letters Department in carrying out education and teaching, research, and community service to produce qualified graduates who possess deep spirituality, and noble morality, broad knowledge, and mature professionalism. It is also being the center for the development of Islamic science, technology and art; and being the power of social movement.

Besides, this department has some missons for the students. First, implementing Islamic-based education in equipping the graduates with deep spirituality, noble morality, broad knowledge, and mature professionalism. Then, carrying out professional education in preparing competent graduates of English Language and Literature who are able to apply their knowledge as either pure or applied science. Third, conducting research and studies to dig up and develop knowledge of English Language and Literature, as well as Islamic literature. Next, improving community services to solve socio-religious problems and give professional services to the society for the sake of scientific elaboration and development in the field of English linguistics, literature, and Islamic literature.

As the goal of the Department is; (a) To provide a Bachelor of Humanities who posses deep spirituality and noble character which is reflected in their daily behaviour. (b) To provied a Bachelor of Humanities who is able to communicate in English both spoken and written accurately. (c) Graduating a Bachelor of Humanities who has a deep understanding of English language and literature as a field of scientific study. (d) Graduating a Bachelor of Humanities who mastered the language assessment methodologies and analysis of literature, and able applied to asses, analyze and appreciate the work of Islamic literature. (e) Graduating a professional Bachelor of Humanities who is able to make use of science in the field of language, either as a pure science and applied science.