Malang Heritage

The City of Malang

Malang is the second largest city in East Java Province, the Republic of Indonesia. Malang’s population is nearly 800,000 people, spread over an area of 110 km2. Malang is a well-known tourism city with its beautiful mountains, high hills in the west of the city to dozens of parkland taking advantage of the views, restaurants, and beaches in the south. Mountains and waterfalls are within an hour and half from most campuses –a few minutes away from some – while a number of Malang’s most popular gardens, “Apple Agro-tourisms”, are just fifteen minutes away. From fashion, food and amusements, to national parks, serene surroundings in the east and beaches in the south, Malang offers an excellent base for students.


Malang’s climate is temperate with two distinct seasons. In dry season, with many cool days frequently and approximately 190C, the city’s beaches and mountains are popular, while culinary sites are often more visited during wet season.

Arts and culture

From Malang’s batik and native mask handicrafts amusing people on the city street to the cultural dances of Tari Topeng (mask dance) and Jaran Kepang (horse-braid dance), Malang’s diverse arts and cultures are confidently to inspire and entertain visitors. People can listen to live music at a variety of venues around the city, including of the University campuses.

Parks and gardens

Lovely parks and gardens, some of which are Dutch Colonial heritages, offer an idyllic escape from hectic city life. They make great visiting all year around.


Malang sells unlimited item choices, from fashion to furniture, in many venues of shopping. From bargain outlets to designer wear of local textiles such as batik, Malang becomes Indonesia’s shopping city.


Malang has sport that is always in the air: soccer, rafting, tennis, golf, swimming, and mountain climbing. People can participate in or be spectators of the sport anytime.


Malang is habitually referred to as the culinary city in East Java. This is not surprising as the city is home to more than hundreds of delicious inexpensive food. People can find something to suit their taste and price range easily.


Malang is a relatively cool city. Therefore, students in general like wearing jackets or sweaters. Students are not allowed to wear sandals and T-shirts to classes. At least, students wear shirts or polo shirts. Besides, it is also recommended that students have blankets because Malang is relatively cold at nights.

Arriving in Malang

Arriving in a new country or city is always exhilarating but often requires some adjustment. Those who are new to Malang are suggested to arrive at least two weeks before their studies begin to arrange accommodation and settle into new surroundings.

Airport Reception for New International Students

The airport reception service is offered to all new international students and can be booked in advance of the arrival. It includes pick-up from the airport and delivery to the nominated place of accommodation.

Accommodation and Cost of Living

There is a wide range of accommodation for students in Malang. Accommodation costs vary depending on the desired type, quality, and location.