Student Unions

The University pays much attention to the students’ extracurricular activities as they are important components of the overall educational processes. The followings are optional student unions available at the University:



Advanced Debate Community
The organization develops the students’ speaking and critical thinking toward debate practice. It provide many motions to be discussed and debated in various fields of study. It not only trains the students’ skill but also gives a chance to their member to join and vie debate competition nationally.

Campus Radio
The students’ communication skill through electronic mass media is developed in the unit of “Symphony” Campus Radio. The campus radio, which broadcasts on 104.1 MHz frequency, aims at developing the students’ potency in broadcasting field.

Institute for Studies, Research, and Student Development
The institute develops the students’ research knowledge and skills in various fields of study. It trains their academic sensitivity toward critical, rational, and dynamic ways of thinking.

Student Press
The unit aims at developing the students’ talent and interest in journalism. Its program, such as magazine, tabloid, and newsletter publications, familiarize the students with the communication world through printed mass media



Sports Unit
The unit provides activities to improve the students’ strength of stamina. It channels the students’ interests in sports: football, volleyball, basketball, badminton, table tennis, etc.

Pencak silat and Tae Kwon Do
The union provides two schools of self-defense martial art: Pencak silat and Tae Kwon Do. Both instill sportsmanship of every individual’s soul. The presence of the units is necessary to preserve and develop the nation’s cultural heritage in the field of sports and martial arts.



Contemporary Comedy Theater
The unit accommodates the students’ talents in a theatrical art. It leads the students be appreciative, productive, and creative in performing the art

Community of Music (Commus)
“Commus” is a student union making the musical institutions not merely as a means of entertainment but also as the object of research. It strives to develop the students’ musical art as an effective propaganda tool to develop the community.

Photography Club
The club hones the students’ interest in the field of photography. The exposure on photographic activities would boost their artistic talent in the form of camera products.

Group for Religious Art Development
It copes with the student’s interest in several branches of Islamic art: calligraphy, music. Qur’an recitation, etc.



Student Regiment
The union provides leadership training to implant discipline spirit and exercise habit to its members. The activities adapt soldierly exercise model combined with a number of strategic training courses.

Scout Union
The organization aims to develop the students’ organizational and managerial skills. Conserving nature is channeled in this unit through camping activities.

Indonesian Red Cross Corps
The corps works for social–humanitarian mission. It functions to develop professionalism in the field of humanity and strong solidarity with fellow human beings based on piety and humankind spirits.

Club of Nature Lovers
It introduces students with adventurous familiar environment (conservation of natural resources and ecosystems), mountaineering, rock climbing, rafting, and cave searches. The club aims to foster the students’ sense of love and ownership upon the nature and their awareness to preserve the environment as the embodiment of Islamic values.